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ToughArmor MB873MP-B V2

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Product details
8 Bay M.2 NVMe SSD PCIe 4.0 Mobile Rack Enclosure for External 5.25" Drive Bay (8 x OCuLink SFF-8612)
    Introducing the ToughArmor MB873MP-B V2, a rugged and removable 8 x M.2 PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD enclosure specially designed to fit into a 5.25" optical drive bay. This powerful enclosure offers exceptional performance, supporting lightning-fast data transfer rates of up to 64Gbps via the OCuLink (SFF-8612) interface, and is compatible with Tri-mode host cards. It is made out of heavy-duty full-metal construction and uses removable M.2 SSD trays that support tool-less drive installation/removal for effortless drive maintenance. In addition, the MB873MP-B V2 is equipped with dual 40x20mm cooling fans in the rear to remove the heat generated by the high-speed PCIe 4.0 SSD for the best cooling performance.
  • Now Compatible with Tri-Mode Controllers
    Due to high demand and in response to recent circuit board updates by host card manufacturers, the ToughArmor MB873MP-B V2 now provides support for Tri-Mode controller cards from leading brands like Broadcom, Areca, and others. For detailed information on compatible cards and cables, please refer to the FAQ section available on the product page.
  • High Storage Density for High-Performance PCs
    The ToughArmor MB873MP-B V2's ultra-high storage density design makes it ideal for data-intensive systems that have limited storage space. It is particularly well-suited for high-performance PCs, compact servers, workstation PCs, and data centers where efficient storage utilization is crucial.
    Supporting up to eight PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 drives in a single 5.25" device bay increases the storage efficiency of your system.
  • Superior PCIe 4.0 Performance
    Unleash the true potential of PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs with the ToughArmor MB873MP-B V2. Each drive bay features a dedicated OCuLink (SFF-8612) connector, enabling a whopping 64Gb/s bandwidth rate—twice as fast as PCIe 3.0 and ten times faster than SATA standards.
  • State-of-the-Art Tool-Less M.2 Drive Tray
    Typically, M.2 SSDs are installed directly onto the motherboard or an adapter card, usually requiring the use of small screws and accessing the computer case to reach the drives. However, with the ToughArmor MB873MP-B V2, you can conveniently bring your M.2 NVMe SSDs to the 5.25" optical bay of your computer system. This innovative solution enables you to swap drives effortlessly without the need to open the case, streamlining drive maintenance and enhancing overall efficiency.
    The ToughArmor MB873MP-B V2 features a patent-pending adjustable M.2 locker mechanism, designed for effortless tool-less drive installation and removal. Simply insert the M.2 NVMe SSD, adjust the M.2 locker until it securely holds the SSD, and then close the lid. The entire process can be completed in less than 10 seconds, saving you valuable time and resources.
    Experience ultimate compatibility with the ToughArmor MB873MP-B V2's removable M.2 drive tray, which supports a wide range of M.2 NVMe SSD brands and models. Whether it's 2230 (30mm), 2242 (42mm), 2260 (60mm), 2280 (80mm), or even enterprise-level 22110 (110mm) SSDs, you have the flexibility to choose from a diverse selection of M.2 NVMe SSDs. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the freedom to select the M.2 NVMe SSD that perfectly suits your needs.
  • High-performance Cooling System
    Powering up the eight M.2 NVMe SSD at once can accumulate heat. Therefore, we have included dual 40x20mm cooling fans, providing a massive amount of airflow throughout the entire enclosure to keep the M.2 NVMe solid-state drive at optimal operating temperatures, even under heavy load.
    The specialized slimline drive tray is made with thick aluminum and acts as a heatsink to dissipate heat generated by M.2 NVMe SSDs.
    The included thermal pad fills the gaps between the contact surfaces and transfers heat away from the M.2 SSD to the heatsink tray, allowing airflow to dissipate the heat away efficiently.
  • ToughArmor Protection for the Harshest Environment
    Built to withstand harsh environments, the ToughArmor MB873MP-B V2 features rugged, heavy-duty full-metal protection throughout the entire device and tray. This makes it ideal for industrial devices requiring a flammability rating and suits various enterprise systems such as military and law enforcement industries, in-vehicle computers, and manufacturing settings like embedded control and factory automation systems.
  • EMI Grounding Technology
    Grounding your M.2 NVMe SSD is essential as swapping drives without proper grounding may lead to hardware damage due to static shocks. With our innovative EMI Grounding Technology, once the M.2 locker clips into the SSD screw hole, the SSD will be in a grounded state throughout the enclosure's tray and housing. After the enclosure is installed in the system with four screws on its' side, it will ground itself throughout the computer system.
  • Packed with Features
    The LED status light in each of the trays gives you the drive status information at a glance. With Active Power Technology, the enclosure turns on when the drive is inserted and automatically shuts off when all drives are removed.
    With individual drive ID labels, you'll always know which drive tray belongs in your RAID array or contains specific files. Feel free to rearrange or remove them to suit your configurations or for a cleaner look.
  • Exceptional Product Compatibility
    The MB873MP-B V2 is compatible with motherboards, RAID/HBA cards, and M.2 adapters from major brands including Adaptec, Areca, Broadcom, HighPoint, Supermicro, and more. This compatibility gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of hardware options, moving beyond the constraints of single-brand system configurations. For more information on product compatibility, click here.
    The ToughArmor MB873MP-B V2 is compatible with SATA 15-pin power cables and OCuLink cables that feature locking latch mechanisms. This design prevents cable disconnections due to system vibrations or transportation, safeguarding against data interruptions. Once these cables are plugged in, they securely lock in place.
Which ToughArmor MB873 is right for you?
Model MB873MP-B MB873MP-B V2
Pin-out Defined SFF-9402 Rev 1.1 SFF-9402 Rev 1.1
(Tri-mode HBA/RAID adapters compatible)
Suitable for NVMe HBA/RAID adapters
with SFF-9402 pin-out
Tri-mode controller cards
with SFF-9402 pin-out
Customizable ICY DOCK Drive Enclosures: Tailored to Meet TAA & UL Certification Standards and More!
At ICY DOCK, we understand the paramount importance of adhering to various industry and safety standards. While our standard products are already crafted with the highest quality in mind, we also provide our customers with the option to customize ICY DOCK drive enclosures and mobile racks to meet their specific certification requirements. This includes standards such as TAA and UL to wide temperature tests.

Our dedicated team is fully prepared to adjust product materials and designs to ensure complete compliance. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive guidance to our clients throughout the certification process. Our goal is to not only meet precise specifications but also ensure that our products successfully pass stringent tests. Below, you'll find a detailed table listing all the optional certifications that can be tested with our customizable solutions.
Optional Certifications Available for ToughArmor MB873MP-B V2
TAA Trade Agreements Act Compliance
UL Safety Standard Certification
UL94 Flammability of Plastic Materials
FCC Federal Communications Commission Compliance
Wide Temperature MIL-STD-810H - Method 501.7 & 502.7
Customizing ICY DOCK products for specific certifications involves fees for the creation of the certificates, including necessary testing. Please note that some certificates may require recurring fees to remain valid. For more details and inquiries,please contact us at tech@icydock.com
Main Features
Supports 8 x PCIe M.2 NVMe SSDs of all lengths - 30mm (2230), 42mm (2242), 60mm (2260), 80mm (2280), and 110mm (22110)
Installs into 1 x standard external 5.25" optical drive bay
Uses 8 x OCuLink (SFF-8612) to connect, pin-out defined by SFF-9402 Rev 1.1
Supports PCIe 4.0 specifications with transfer rates up to 64Gbps per drive bay
Powers 8 x M.2 SSDs through 2 x 15 - pin SATA power connectors
Rugged, full-metal enclosure meets flammability requirements
Equipped with high-performance dual 40 x 20mm cooling fans
Removable drive tray with tool-less drive installation for easy drive maintenance
Huge heatsink trays with thermal pads included dispersing heat from the drive
Anti-Vibration Technology - Creates a safe environment for SSDs 
Active Power Technology - Saves power by shutting off the enclosure when no drive is installed
EMI Grounding protects SSDs from electrical damage
Drive ID plugs are included to keep track of your drives 
Eagle-hook tray latch securely holds the drive tray inside the enclosure
Supports SATA 15-pin and OCuLink cables with locking latch design for a secure connection 
2 x SATA 15pin power cables are included 
Industry-leading 5 years limited warranty with exceptional customer support

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